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Monday, 16 April 2012

..for you have all of mine

Just in case you were holding your breath, it came out of the washing machine fine.
Of course I knew it would.
I wasn't panicing at all.

It is called
For you have all of mine.

 It is a piece that is based on my own piece of writing.

When you mind soars
with more than I will ever know.

When you heart fills
with love and care.

When your soul sings
with joy and wonder.

Could you share a little with me?

When you heart breaks
with more pain than you can bare.

Give all of it to me.

for you have all of mine.


Anonymous said...

its absolutely beautiful!

Iz said...

Phew, I can breathe now! Glad all was well

Gina said...

It's beautiful- both the words and the stitching

fiona d said...

it's very moving and lovely, your words are beautiful too.