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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

holding my breath

I think its finished 
but its always hard to tell.
It been quite a slow and painful experience but i think it might be there.
I exhibit with a local art group and this year there has been much discussion about raising the game, moving the group on, the professionalism of the group.
I made it through the selection process but our first exhibition is quite an important one (to us)
I wanted to move my work, to push myself.
I have always used other  peoples words but this time I had things I wanted to write
about motherhood.
I had a small baby dress I wanted to use within the piece, patched in but still looking like a dress
It's been quite a long and painful process but last night it suddenly looked finished. 
I pinned it in a frame to look at today
Yes it was right... 
apart from the mucky fingerprints....
this is where it is now
in the washing machine

I have completed many embroideries and inherited al sorts of pieces and many have been put through the washing machine.
on a gentle wash
My memory says that I have never had an embroidery whose thread has run.
hmm...never say never...
so I am holding my breath
I don't want this one to be the first.

Is it possible to drink wine while holding your breath?

Thanks for you lovely birthday wishes. I was spoilt on the day but the best is yet to come.


Iz said...

Fingers crossed for you that it survives the wash!

Anonymous said...

Its so beautiful, as another who uses the machine for almost everything - I'm sure it came out beautifully clean and will be stunning framed!

Angie: said...

Just lovely! WHEN is the show??? Don't forget to let me know! Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh so to speak! xx