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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


 This is not work avoidance.
I know that many of you who know me will find it hard to believe

I have spent the morning tidying, cleaning, putting away, changing beds, harumphing about having to do it all and generally doing housework.
No, I don't see it as house blessing, it is definitely housework.
I would prefer to have one of Janets mornings.
ahhh to day dream eating cherries... I am sure that is all Janet does all day!
Its not even that there is loads of housework to do, no more than anyone else but I do tend to make a big fuss about doing it.

I get it done and allow myself the occasional distraction popping into the garden and seeing some ripe strawberries.
They are not the most photographic bunch but at least there is enough for one each.

 ...and after I have checked the strawberries I have to check the goosegogs
 again, not the prettiest selection and not enough for a gooseberry fool but still an achievement

Does anyone know a recipe for 18 gooseberries?

and anyone any idea when the potatoes will be ready? they are in bags on the path and they sort of seem to be taking over. How do I tell?

All this burgeoning nature reminds me that I have almost finished this piece.

Spot the mistake?

answers on a postcard....

It also needs some birds over the autumnal tree, some nuts in the tree for the squirrel and the bee need some wings.
The fire in leaf and grass so green
it seems each summer the last.

My paraphrasing of a poem by Denise Levertov


Janet Clare said...

tomorrow I may eat raspberries in the garden... or possibly strawberries, I haven't quite decided. Life is full of hard decisions isn't it!

Iz said...

I like your word "harumphing" - it describes me perfectly when I'm tidying and cleaning and cooking but resenting every moment of it!