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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

 Had a great day out with 3 friends on Saturday.
We skipped off to the RA Summer Exhibition.
yes definitely skipped!
We normally have 11 children between the 4 of us so if you had seen us it would have been described as skipping
Mind you if you had seen us at Paddington trying to sort out Oyster cards/travel cards etc you would have put us down as hicks from the sticks.
By the end of the day we felt absolutely metropolitan!

Loved, loved, loved the exhibition.
The "wave " room was wonderful. real art, so may peoples personalties spread out for all to see.
 How do you take it all in?
Fell in love with the work of Eileen Cooper.

To finish the day we met up at the V and A and then wandered across the road to an lovely Italian restaurant.
One of our number used to live in Italy so is often sceptical of such places but as we entered she was lost in a sea of Italian speakers and smiled that dreamy sort of smile people get over Italy.

If you are at the V and A and in search of food.
 This is the place


Deborah O'Hare said...

Lucky you. I want to do all of the things in this post!

Anonymous said...

sounds like such a great day. I walk past Orsini all the time and have never been in - will have to go in next time I pass!