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Monday, 6 August 2012

I am not an olympic athlete

Slowly getting it together.

It may not come as a surprise for you that I am not an Olympic athlete.

I am just organising a small exhibition for a small art group in a small arts centre. Not that difficult.

This week I have become aware of the resilience needed to keep at a something that challenges you. I am not performing in front of thousands with the thoughts of a nation behind me.

Mind you, female marathon runners often improve performance after having children. I can understand that.. My own personal marathon was with a baby up at night, getting a child up in time for school and then entertaining a toddler all day.....

Marathon .....easy peasy........

No, that does not mean I am signing up for one.

My talents lie elsewhere...

Now if I could just find them




1 comment:

Angie: said...

Jo! These are beautiful!! I was gutted we could not go and see the show with you on the day you put it up...but we all had a fab time in the Abbey gardens so many thanks for the opportunity! And I will definitely be returning, with or without children to have a nosy at your work!!! Photos just will not do it justice methinks~it has to be viewed in person!!! Well done!x x x