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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The joy of colour.

At last some real work. I know that some despaired that this blog would ever get back to making things
No, you weren't that interested?i you came here for the sparkling wit and comment.......and shoeboxes
Wow who knew there was so much shoe box love out there.
Mind you , you mostly said to just get rid of them!
Anyway back to this morning spent silk painting and shibori-ing in good comapny in preparation for a course I am teaching
Or not teaching, as it might not run
That however does not dim my enthusiasm for having a morning playing and painting with colour.

Speaking of which

Maria Primachenko

Love the colour, the simplicity.


This is the sort of thing I like on my washing line

Shibori is not for the speedy crafter. I have to wait until the are dry to open them up
I know
I will try to resist opening the little packages till tomorrow


French Knots said...

How exciting to peel open the fabric and discover the pattern.

two hippos said...

Now that looks like so much fun, do show some more once you've opened them!

sweetmyrtle said...

very exciting.. i would want to peep too. : )