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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Shoe boxes

This is such a dull post.


It's about shoe boxes but it's not really about shoe boxes but they are are symbolic of something.

I have 3 kids.

Yes, I know, no news there.

All back to school now

All in new shoes, with new trainers /football boots in bags

Hence a pile of shoe boxes.

Shoe boxes are useful things, very useful things. I have all sorts of things in shoe boxes, I used to be a primary teacher and so shoe boxes have always been much prized .

I was that sort of student that cover them in brown paper with a pretty lid and made my shelves look pretty.

Wishy washy whimsical reminiscence

It's was a teacher training college...we were all a bit like that!

Now back to the present day and for nearly 2 weeks now there has been a pile of shoe boxes by the door in the kitchen.


You see, shoe boxes are useful. Particularly Clarks. Nice and strong.

But every year I gain at least 3 shoe boxes and I have plenty of stuff in shoe boxes.

I just don't need any shoeboxes, the kids have enough but I can't throw them out

They are useful.

Do I hold onto them just in case?


That's it. This is the year of ENOUGH. I can let myself get rid of them

It's ridiculous but this pile of shoe boxes stops me from doing other things. I have to deal with the shoe boxes first. If I get rid of them I may need them. If I store them, will I ever use them?

It's nothing to do with the shoes boxes really. You could easily replace the word shoes boxes for magazines or all manor of things

Surely everyone has a pile of shoe boxes..

Just me then.

Wish me luck, I am off to deal with them now. I can let them go.

And then I will deal with last years.

That isn't a joke.


Joanna said...

This post is SO FUNNY - at this moment I have a shoe box by the back door in the kitchen. Two weeks ago Grant asked me if it was for recycling - "No, it's for keeping" said I. But what for? It's a different shape than my other storage boxes so won't slot in neatly with them. But it's strong. And potentially useful. So by the back door it sits, awaiting a use. Getting in the way.



Jill said...

Can't you keep them with the empty jam, (pickle, sauce, spread) jars, or even keep the empty jam jars in them?

Deborah OHare said...

I know where you are coming from with this. I have been there myself. But here is the thing: just throw them away i.e. put them in the recycle bin, and within minutes you will have forgotten about them! I promise:)

martine said...

Put them up on free cycle, i bet you'd get a lot of takers. I never get shoe boxes now the kids have left home:-(
my jam jar collection is about to get refilled as we are jam making this weekend.
thanks for sharing

Gina said...

I know just what you mean. I have shoe boxes (and other "useful" boxes) jam jars and all manner of useful things in the way, around the hoyse, all needing to be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

how funny, I always keep shoe boxes! Somewhere at the bottom of my wardrobe with my shoes in and empty 'others' are kept for the shoe box appeal. Have indeed fabric covered shoe boxes - even Christmas decorations in shoe boxes. Must have the same problem!

red2white said...

:) I too ponder over each shoe box which comes in the house. But because of "this pile of shoe boxes stops me from doing other things" I just get rid of them, now even guolt-free act with Council providing - plastic boxes for recycling.

Angie H said...

i was once asked by an American magazine what my 'storage solutions' were! I said do you mean me shoe boxes.....

French Knots said...

Be strong and get rid. Shove them in the recycling quickly and then feel good!

angharad handmade said...

I'm a sucker for a shoe box, so can really identify with this! I currently have piles of them sitting in the study ready to organise my stash. I'll also need to liberate some for the operation Christmas child boxes that we do every year. I can't quite bring myself to purge the leftover ones though, even though with 3 children, I'm accumulating them at quite a rate.

Anu Völp said...

I solved the 'problem' with the knowledge: if I will ever need -one day, perhaps..-MORE shoeboxes ---I go to the shoeshop and take the best ones (clarks..or camper..)