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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Handmade gifts cont

I think what I was trying to say yesterday when I wittered on about making gifts was that in my mind everyone should make gifts to give. In my mind I want us to return to a time when people are empowered to make rather than buy.

I would love to live in handmade society. Where things are made used and adapted rather than bought. Where skills can be swapped. I am not suggesting a return to a medieval society, I have studied enough history to know that it was not the bucolic ideal of peasants skipping through fields to handmade homes.

It's hard to get those around me to join the revolution.

Sometimes I think I j and I should go and live off grid with a goat waste disposal system and knit your own underwear but I just don't think it would suit me.

I am not that good at growing things, the 17 raspberries and a handful of tomatoes just won't see us through the winter.

We live in the Cotswolds. Have you seen the price of land?

J and I both really enjoy our jobs.

and to be honest, I am bit lazy and it all seems like a lot of hard work. .....and repetitive.

Maybe one day.

Until then I will keep making and trying to persuade others that there is enough plastic tat out there in the world.

I have been reading Making is Connecting and I have just come to the chapter on Deschooling. It turns out that it doesn't mean what I thought it meant. Still only half way through the chapter but it sort of makes sense.



Deborah OHare said...

I so relate to what you are saying. These days I spend I don't feel guilty about spending more time on crafting and less on the garden as I seem to have much more success there:)

Anonymous said...

ah, I have day like this. Hanker after a slower less urban life, handmade bread, my own organic veg, maybe the odd Alpaca or chicken. But truth be told, I'm far more Margo than Barbra!

Unknown said...

I like making gifts for christmas and always feel sad if I have to buy things due to running out of time etc... I've already got christmas stuff on the go.