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Friday, 9 November 2012

Some days....

I feel a little lost.

No big things that cause it, just a bit down time.

Time to stop and have a rest.

I loose some energy and I retreat a little.

This too will pass

It can be hard work but I just have to walk quietly through it.

I tend not to post here on those days as the post can become self indulgent whiffle that does nothing.

I spend my days considering posts but I can't enough quite muster to post anything.

I move towards crafts that are repetitive and require few decisions.

This weeks self absorbing craft is rag rugging and I find that most things can be ignored while rugging.

If you need me I will have my head stuck in a the wardrobe, both metaphorically and literally, looking for just the right colour t shirt to match the pink.


Iz said...

Gosh, haven't done rag-rugging for years! And even then I've only finished one tiny rug, just big enough to go under the piano pedals, about 13 years ago...but I've kept my plastic crates of jumble sale T-shirts just in case I feel the urge to hook again! And I can empathise with the need for a quiet repetitive activity to soothe the soul...

Deborah OHare said...

I could have written this post just now. Maybe it is the time of year.
I did rag-rugging when I was a teenager. These days I find repetitive hand stitching helps me to sit quietly and get my energy back. I hope you get back on track soon.

sweetmyrtle said...

: ) loved your comment on my blogged. so so sorry! Nice to hear from you. Your rag ruging looks gorgeous; a perfect methodical activity to slow the mind. My mind is far too busy and i am hoping to slow this weekend with no internet and just some sewing with a small group of ladies.
Wishing you a lovely weekend Jo, love Ginny x

moss stitch said...

Oh J, totally understand your need, it's what I do too. Something very repetitive that requires nothing more than keeping my mind busy from thinking.

Bonnie said...

My rug needs work on too.
Thanks for posting the photos and keep on.