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Friday, 18 January 2013

Things I have leant about making your own lip balm

It's very easy.

It is possible the most expensive lip balm know to man.

This is a good recipe

This is a good place to buy your supplies.

The little tins are charming and irresistible to all who see them.

Adding lavender to the left over balm to make sleepy balm can really stink the house out.

Making lip balm with the kids after tea on a Friday night when everyone is tired after an exciting snowy day is maybe not the best time to make lip balm

The chemistry that is really good to do on Friday evening involves the mixing of alcholic spirits with coke.

Using your iPad to take quick photos in kitchen in the evening produces fuzzy photos. ......or is it the other chemistry I enjoy on a Friday evening doing that!



Gina said...

Making your own lip balm does sound like a really good thing to do though!

Chrissie said...

Rum and Coke filtered through lavender lip balm .... ? hmmmmmm!

angharad handmade said...

Those little tins are so sweet!