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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

today's dilemma is....

Today's dilemma or work avoidance tactic is...
Do I join a local artist exhibiting group?

Its one of those groups which will then mean I take part in and Open studio scheme.

No, not at my house, that would require a huge tidy up timetable.
but as part of a group exhibition at a venue.
I joined in with it 2 years ago but it did not require me to pay a lot.
Now, understandably, they are asking everyone to pay a full membership fee.
I understand why people have to pay the fee.
but you know, with me its more than just a yes or no decision, it requires days of umming and arrhing and thinking about the cost and the work

These are the thoughts bubbling along in no particular order.
it feels quite expensive but its the biggest thing locally.
It supports local artists and it does not require great distance travelled.
I have some work in mind but I haven't actually started it yet.
if I pay I know I will be fully committed to it all, as I am that sort of gal
but the big issue is always the cost
I need deadlines and goals to keep me producing work
How much do I value other people considering me to be an artist?

I think I know the answer but thanks for mulling it over with me.


Anonymous said...

best of luck with the decision, remember your an artist!

Gina said...

I go through the same dilemma every year with Cambridge Open Studios (although that does require a massive tidy up at home.) I nearly always end up taking part and don't regret it but it still seems like a huge decision each year.

Monica said...

oh go on... do it!!

red2white said...

follow your heart....

Angie: said...

ooh! have you decided yet??? Exciting!!! xxx