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Monday, 16 September 2013

A handmade life -A wooden spoon

I have always wanted to live a hand made life. As a child my games were based around ideas of living in the wild making everything I would need but as an adult I know that the cold and wet would just annoy me.

Still it makes for nice day dreams.

I try to gather and use handmade things to use use very day.

They give me great pleasure to pick up and use. There are no great stories behind the objects, they weren't made for me, or bought in exotic places. They are just handmade and in using them I connect to someone else who is driven to make things.

This is a photo of a wooden spoon, bought in Portugal in 2002. I use it for making soup, it has a nice long handle to use in a big soup saucepan.

As I hold it I can feel the tool marks that make it. It's good and strong and excellent for stirring soup.

Which is what I am doing today.

Tomato soup, in case you were wondering!


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Angie: said...

Bet it tasted good! xx