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Monday, 16 September 2013

Gender roles

I am a girl.
I happy to be a girl, I fact I would not want to be a man. I love being female.
When I did my degree I studied a lot of women's history and it had a big impression on me.
I have never felt the need to have a pink pen or screwdriver in order to reflect who I am.
Moving onto teaching young children I was aware of gender as an issue.



I find it fascinating the projects and games my 3 children choose to play. Each has had a similar attempt at bringing them up in a gender neautral way and I hope they feel they can be comfortable in all sorts of different activities, without feeling that they are betraying their gender.

I always found it difficult to dress them in pink or blue.

Mostly I dressed them in the first thing that came to hand.

.......Prams, pushchairs and stuff that are pink or blue worry me aswell. Mostly because it implies you will need another one should the next sibling be a different gender. Hmmmmmmm

Of course I know that this is just about impossible to raise kids in a gender neautral way and my 13 ready old was horrified to hear that their childhoods were all just an experiment by us............just making it up as we go along.

Please tell me, that's what we are all doing?



Jee said...

Of course, that's what we all do even if you were to read every book on the subject you'd only land up confused and still have tp choose your own path. There are those who do as their parents did and those who dp the opposite but we're all busking it in the end. All we can hope for are lind loving adults at the end of it whom we're proud to call our children and hopefully will love us and want to spend time with us without it beong a chore or a duty. I'm 11 months into a New experiment of being a Granny and still learning!

red2white said...

Hmm, having two girls I never gave much thoughts to gender. Pink is not a gender colour everywhere, in SK girls go in red and in Poland, I am told baby boys are in pink and baby girls are in blue... Luckily, mine don't like pink, but the black they want to wear doesn't impress me either. When our first daughter was born one of the congrats cards said 'Hope you have the same wisdom as if she was your fourth child...' or something similar. That's so true. Hope love, care and responsibility balances the experimenting a bit.