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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Catching up with Embroidery magazine

Had a ridiculously busy weekend and week which started with a residential with 7 and 8 year old girls.

Brilliant fun but exhausting then a week of starting 4 new groups off on course, sorting paperwork, record keeping and exam criteria

Friday came and I hid on the sofa writing lesson plans for next week and listening to Lauren Laverne on Women's hour


May have had a little snooze, not admitting that one but suddenly post and the arrival of Embroidery Magazine.

Perfect. Sat down, well remained on the sofa to wander through it.

Great article on Louise Gardiners. Met her once at Art In Action, wow, life lived at full speed.

Advertised on the back .

Would love to go this year. Can I squeeze it in at the end of term?

Then an article on Bath. Must pop over for the day

Then exhbition at Newark. Must get down to that and get to more down at Stroud

Then amazing wallpaper.

Then a small advert that makes me think I should stop sitting around reading magazines and actually produce some work.


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Gina said...

I've not read my copy of Embroidery yet but I do have lovely memories of a week spent with Lou Gardiner at The Jersey Textile showcase. We were both really cold in our guesthouse and she went out and bought me a hotwater bottle! I fancy Art in Action again this year.