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Sunday, 4 May 2014

New trainers

It was time for new trainers. Had the last ones for 2 maybe 3 years.

We were very close.

Too many people I have run with have now described me as a great clod hopping elephant while running.

I know, great friends.........

Then a bit actually fell off

I don't do sports shops so off to the internet and I found these. Specially designed to actually reduce my clod hopping and actually get me to put me foot down correctly.

Anyway, enough podiatry .

The box had these gem I had to sure with you.



They are a megaphone

For the roar of you run

A connect-with-the-ground

And hug every turn

Joy ride for the senses

These shoes are an ultra light

Anatomically fit tribute to

The freedom you feel on a run

Simply put, they are the woo

To your hoo.

these are more than just running shoes

They are pureproject by Brooks

Now put them on and run happy.


Now after all that I am tempted to say Nah, just running shoes but having just done 10k with a friend actually they were quite good.

She said, it was much quieter.....less clod hopping.



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