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Thursday, 8 May 2014

New work

Finally the lethargy lifts.

I am involved in an exhibition with some friends at the beginning of June and to say I have been putting off the work is an understatement!

We have been planning it for a while and others are very busy producing work

I however, have procrastinated, avoided, moaned, had a frozen shoulder, had a rotor cuff injury, tidied, taught, spent time with my kids, family, friend redecorated rooms, anything other than actually sit down and produce something.

Last week I was discussing with students what prevents us from making and creating when it gives us such pleasure. Lack of a realistic dead line?

Ideas have come and wandered round my head, most weekends have me moaning that I need to work on it but I knew that it was still to far away.

I tried doing a little each day. Rather like a write should produce 200 words a day.

This particular piece got stuck in the ugly stage and was hidden away. Not to be touched or thought about


Finally this weekend I sat down to work on it. Less than a mont to go. That's usually when the dalines kick in for me.

At least I get going with a month to go.

It could really be all last minutes

Now I am almost back in love with the work. Trying to find odd moments to work on it.

Bang goes the housework......


What's it about?

Well I am currently embroidering an umbrella with "lost things" to hide in a box.

Hmmmmm. It's about what we look for when we make and enjoy art.

I'll explain more later.


Cate said...

Whatever it's about, I like it! I love your work. I'm a procrastinator too, so I sympathise, but often I find good things come out of last minute pressure... good luck! x

Gina said...

Oh how I can identify with everything you say here... but what you are working on is looking good!