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Friday, 26 September 2014

A sunflower skirt

A project finished.
I have been mulling this one over for most of the year. It probably started seeing 2 of Van Gogh sunflower paintings in London back in Februaury. It has started a bit of year of sunflowers.

Followed by reading the blog by one of my design heros Sarah Campbell

Then a great summer trip to France and Spain, seeing fields of ripe sunflowers.

Then finding a lovely cotton sheet for £3 at a flea market.

I know, I wish I had bought the other one now

Painting the cloth with lovely big blousy sort of sunflowers.

Had to be in the garden as the kitchen table had been taken over by a variety of other projects.

Finding time to paint the second piece.
GettIng excited to see it washed and pressed, sitting on the shelf earlier this week.

Then a frustrating couple of days teaching with fingers itching to get it started.

I know, I am always telling the learners that life shouldn't get in the way of making things.

Finally this morning getting round to cutting into it using my trusty a line pattern

and Ta Dah........a new sunflower skirt.

Not bad, from February to September.

I'm off to wander through fields wearing it trying to look like something from the Boden catalogue.

Well, when I say fields, I mean the bit where everyone walks their dogs.


Gina said...

Fabulous! What a great skirt to bring a bit of sunshine every time you wear it.

Gill said...

I love your skirt Jo!!
What did you use to paint your sunflowers??

Violet Mae & Lucas said...

Beautiful. And unique, far better than from the Boden catalogue!

Anonymous said...

oh my! This skirt is amazing...i sew my own clothes and have often pondered painting my own fabric but seeing how beautiful your skirt is has given me a few thousand ideas x

ginny farquhar said...

oh i LOVE it JO, just beautiful xxxx

Angie: said...

HOW AWESOME IS YOUR SKIRT!!!!! I love it!!! You are doing very well with ticking off things on your list i see! I think I will need to ask you for a private tutorial in designing and making a skirt of my own! Lush!!! xxx