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Friday, 10 October 2014

A "new" dress


I have a new system for getting things done, it's nothing new or exciting juts a list that I stick to, where things cannot be added until things are done.

I know, there is a pending list where things wait to get on the list but I just ignore that.

This is a vintage dress that I found for £15.

Yes, £15

It has sat waiting to have a simple alteration to the neckline and then today seemed to be the day to do it.

Just like that, job done.

Another ticked off the list.

Now something can move on.

.........and I have something " new " to wear.

Off to the Ashmolean in Oxford to see the embroidery exhibition. I think this dress might just say arty traditional in just the right way.


1 comment:

Angie: said...

Yay! Another item off the list! Nice pattern too! :o) xxx