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Monday, 20 October 2014

An embroidered sunflower patch

While we were on holiday this year I was bowled over by the beauty of the sunflowers. Field after field of glororius sunflowers.
It got me started on a couple of sunflower projects to hold onto them a little longer. The first was my skirt and t he second was a small pouch.
Originally planned to be attached to the skirt but they went separate ways in the design process and would now look awful together.
Both of these projects have been made in quite a spontaneous way.
I ten not to overplan work anyway but this idea for a punch was inspired by a beautiful rainbow range of coloured napkins I saw in a french sewing shop in Bergerac.
Knowing that it would be a little ridiculous to buy one of each colour I resisted and went for one green, a beautiful spring green that I am really drawn to at the moment. Picked up a few threads and streets it on holiday.
What do you take on holiday? I wouldn't dream of going without a small embroidery hoop, scissors and needles for just such an event of inspiration.
Anyway, some doodle later and a lot of bullion stitche later I have an origami pouch doodled with sunflowers.
It's stitched both sides in heavy embroidery and has 3 pockets.

Not quite sure what I will do with it but it has helped to work out a bit of sunflower addiction.



Gina said...

Love the stitching. I usually have a small knitting project with me on holiday, like socks. And always a sketchbook that hardley ever gets used!

Cate said...

I went to France with my family when I was 16 and the cottage we stayed in was slap bang in the middle of fields and fields of sunflowers, it kicked off a pretty big obsession for us too! They are just so glorious all together like that! I love the detaling in your stitches, your pouch is super pretty! x

Angie: said...

Love the sunflowers!!! I think the sunflower is one of the loveliest flowers! Sunshine! xxx