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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

An applique piece

It was our January meeting for the quilting group I belong to. I find it quite different from my EG group. It was nice to be back amongst textile people. It was a demonstration on how to make a small chicken which was quite sweet. I am sure you can see however that this is not a chicken! even thought it is on its side!. The group are making some quilts for a group of children who come from Chernobyl each year for a holiday. Each member makes a square and then they are sewn up. The background colour was given but a friend suggested thisKaffe Fasset material for the body. I had been finding it quite hard to find something that would sit happily on the green. It is a Lauren Birch design and it has a lot of charm.

There is definatley something different about this group of woman over my EG group, its odd how 2 groups of people with then simialr interests can be different. This group seem to have more confidence and more prepared to have a go. They may use a quilt pattern to get them started but they seem much more confident to bend the rules. It is a much more established group, maybe that is the difference.

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