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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Lauri Faggioni

We watched a film last night called " The Science of Sleep" Can't really tell you what its about but it did have 2 central characters who made things. Interesting things.

At the end we watched an interview with Lauri Faggioni who is the artist whose work they used. She creates fantastic little things with such character. Her work reminds me a little of the Julie Arkell work at the moment. You don't quite know what the thing is about but it has such a great sense of joy to it. Great charm. Very desirable.

She said a couple of good things in the interview that reminded me that I just have to keep working and making.

It sort of doesn't matter how quirky they are they just need to be made.

Sometimes I forget and then I get caught up in what I think I should do rather than just enjoying the creative drive to make things.


fiona d said...

I rented the film from Amazon after I read this, but haven't watched it yet. It sounds right up our street.

jackie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Keep on creating/making. It does get hard sometimes, and I think one just has to keep going until one gets lost in the process again, and thats when it really seems to take off.

Things Hand Made said...

I think you are right about getting lost in it all. Only when I do that am I able to really think creatively... and then a small child will climb on my knee and need attention!

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

the bird is adorable!

I find it hard to keep designing and making sometimes, especially now I have my little boy, it just seems to be finding the time.