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Friday, 25 July 2008

First days of the holiday.

Well we seem to have settled into each others company well and I have even been able to continue sewing. A sneaky peak here.
I am making a rainbow quilt for my aunt as a birthday/new home present. She loves rainbows and I had a set of hand died fabrics that were asking to be made into something for a while now. Its not going to be as big as I wanted , more of a lap quilt than a bed quilt so I am adding some text around the edge to try to make it larger and then it could be a wall hanging as well. Except that I have mispelt indigo and added an extra i so now it has a flower in the middle!
The weather has been fine so we have eaten outside each day giving me the chance to leave the sewing machine out. It does make such a difference to be able to do that.

I am quite pleased with children's activities as well. We have already made a cardboard model darlek, used plastic storage crates as giant Lego in the garden and taken the fishing nets on the dog walk and caught some cabbage white butterflies!
Found some great ideas for children activities here.

A big thank you as well for all your lovely comments. They are appreciated. Blogger does not always tell me email adresses so I can't always reply to them. I really would reply if I could!

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