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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Atishoo, cough, splutter, sneeze!


Its been that sort of week.

Its all started last Sunday when j decided he wouldn't do his usual Sunday morning run as he was feeling a bit off! I explained I wanted to tidy my sewing stuff and then start some sewing.
"no problem " he yelled as he walked upstairs with his toolkit.
"what are you going to do then?" I enquired, a bit nervous of the toolkit.....
" I think I will just dismantle the spare bed"
We have been planning on moving children rooms around but I had been putting it off until S was in school full time ( still 2 weeks to go) and I have all week to move stuff around. I restated this and that I wanted to do some sewing.
"Well, I will just get started" was all he said. I retreated downstairs. It was all peaceful for a while.
" Bed is apart, I will just move I's cot" he yells, I yell back up that if you move the cot then move her chest of drawers" and to his credit he did take the vacuum cleaner upstairs to do the scuzzy bits of carpet that never get done behind beds, cots etc.
"I will just start moving A's bed now then" At this point the kids started "helping".
I kept out of the way trying to ignore it all.
"it's all done!" he yelled triumphantly!
I was in an optimistic mood and went upstairs .
Oh yes, everything was moved but it was a good job it was lunchtime as nobody could get to bed as there was stuff everywhere! You know when someone tries to be really helpful and you are left with loads to do. Needless to say the sewing never got started and I spent last Sunday afternoon moving kids toys around to get their rooms livable in.

By Tuesday my body had decided it needed an excuse not to continue sorting and I went down with a horrible cold. Feeling better today so now we have started on wardrobes and bookcases!

We are now nearly to the end and I am glad the job is done but I just didn't want to do it this week!

Somewhere in between the cold and tidying up I did get a child free morning and continued on my "list" to make a cuddly toy for I for Christmas from a pattern I bought on holiday in Denmark. It has the look of something that will just get laughed at or loved forever!

What do you think?


PS Planning a tutorial for next week.


saraeden said...

Hope your feeling better , we all have the terrible cold bug here too !!

Monika L. said...

Oh,you tooo! Atisshoo!
The toy will be loved!

Helen said...

I think it will be a loved toy - very cute!
Get well soon! All coughing here too!

Ravenhill said...

Hope that you are well now! Terrible this season is for colds. My family is recovering from our first of the season. Lovely little softie you made! so cute!!!

Cowboys and Custard said...

This all sounds horribly familiar.. moving beds and spare rooms...Our efforts resulted in the room looking even more of a mess than when we started.. oh well.. phase II starts this weekend!

Hope that cold is on the way out now..
Get well soon.

Michele x