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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

felty flowers tutorial

In between activities I have been relaxing making these flowers. I bought a bag of scraps of hand dyed wool, woven and then partly felted wool at the Festival of Quilts as I just loved the colours and decided to make a bouquet to cheer through the winter months. I am not sure what you would call it.

(Am I the only person to buy things based on a beautiful colour? I think I am among friends here!)

They were quite easy so I have written a quick tutorial showing how to design your own. I will make the next lot out of straight forward felt. I have added buttons and stiches to add more interest.

The tutorial is about how to design them and then use the drawing as a pattern to make one but I am not sure I actually said that on the sheet. You need to follow the link so find it. Its a PDF that you can save or print.
Some people had a problem with the last one so I hope this one works OK otherwise my technical director (j) will be in trouble!

Click here for the instructions.

Speaking of tutorials, Jackie posted a tutorial for me on how to encase leaves into work. It looks so interesting and I can feel an autumnal wall hanging in there somewhere but only when I have finished the LIST!


Lina said...

Thanks for the tutorial - the flowers look great, I will definitely be referring to this in the future!

Anonymous said...

I love the flowers, looking forward to the tutorial.

vanessa said...

Lovely! And that's very generous of you to give us your tutorial.............. people are extraordinarily sharing in the blogosphere, aren't they.................. Thankyou very much....................
Your felt flowers are wonderful, by-the-way.

Ravenhill said...

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of making these cute as can be flowers!

Rachael Rabbit said...

Cute flowers - thanks for the tutorial!!