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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

charlotte macey

A few weeks ago there was an art car boot sale nearby and we were able to go. Its quite normal for me to find an exhibition/event and then we arrange to go with the day planned to do a picnic/family walk so that we still have the day together. It seems to work out well for us so that we have a family day but I still get to see the things I want to. So off we toddled to this sale with our picnic. It sounded like a good event with some of my favourite words in the title!

There were some interesting things there including some amazing photographers and glass. However the artist/illustrator Charlotte Macey was there. I vaguely recognised the name and the style so quickly grabbed a piece called "What if?" Its a phrase I try to live me life by and it has a nice whimsical and delicate look to it. It is a sketch with some watercolour detail and machine stitching. I like the simple floweres. I ususally go for strong colours but this one is much more understated. I haven't had chance to get it framed yet but its waiting on my mantelpiece.

I guess the "what if..." at the moment is what if I stop putting off all these little jobs and just get on with them?! no that would be too sensible!


Tara said...

An ART CAR BOOT SALE? I've never heard of this? I need to go to one! Gorgeous picture.

bex said...

your purchase looks lovely! and an art car boot sale sounds ace. There was an affordable art auction in pittville once, which arthur went to, we got a few lovelies

monica said...

my car boot sale DOES NOT have gorgeous things like these on sale... sigh.

where do you go?