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Thursday, 10 December 2009

a burst of red....

We have all been swept in christmassy making here this week. We don't have our tree up yet but that hasn't stopped us cutting, sticking and gluing, even before we sat down to watch this!
Its lovely to see Kirsty reminding the rest of the world about the things we all love to do. It took all my strength not to jump up and pull out all my cloths and thread and embark on a project!
Anyway the first was this paper garland sort of based on this one but mine came out very even so might have another go at it. Its the most amazing paper I bought from a Habitat
(not Habithat as that's where priest get their socks from).
I tried to persuade J that we could wallpaper a wall in the living room but he ran screaming from the room so I guess a step too far but I love it. I think its a designer one but cant remember.
This year I am using it on EVERYTHING.

Last week I told you about the making of the advent calenders, well my 5 year old just felt that having one calender each wasn't enough. Inspired by this book.

He wanted to make the Christmas clock but in the book its suggest that you make it to practise telling the time. Seems a bit pointless to us but then he suggested it could tell the time till Christmas so lots of number stickers and his own weight in glitter and pipe cleaners, here it is... Its actually quite hard to photograph as there is so much glitter on it that the picture don't come out well! So heres an arty one of the pipe cleaners to fill the post

Finally one of these which seem to be everywhere this year, including my front door!
I just need to add a great big gold ribbon and get J to fasten t to the front door. Don't get me wrong, I am perfectly capable of doing this but it involves undoing the spy hole thingy and if he scratches's the paint work on the door, it wont be me in trouble!

I am making some christmassy bunting next!


Amanda said...

I'm so grateful for your 'Kirsty' post and for Channel 4 Catch Up! How did I miss that? So catch up i will.
Love your Christmassy crafts!
Love, Amanda x

Chrissie said...

Hey, I have pipe cleaners and glitter - can I borrow a five year old please?!

Anonymous said...

you have been having so much fun. I recorded Kirstys shows and have as yet to see them all. Love the sound of your bunting too!

Catherine said...

Love those wreaths and the glitter creation is a wonder to behold! I am completely covered in glitter - you know when it's in your hair roots?! This is after a mammoth 64 card school class card making extravaganza. Phew!
x x x