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Thursday, 23 September 2010

I made this!

I made this, I really did! well with a lot of help from my friend.
I have been meaning to show you most of the summer but I kept forgetting. Its a piece of fused glass. I love light through coloured glass and have several pieces around. I do not have any real views from my windows as we live in a box on a soulless estate so i hang things like this up at my window.
I had a lovely evening with Jackie making this. When I first met Jackie she was doing intricate and large cross stitch pictures, now when you go to her house shes passing you safety goggles!

Anyway she helped me make this little piece with patience as I stuttered my way through cutting glass and now its one of my latest favourite things
She currently has an exhibition at Number 8 with some lovely bowls. Really strong fresh colours.

This isn't work avoidance... honest I am getting some sewing done the the plan


Cate said...

Cute! i'd love to have a go at glass fusing, lucky you to have a friend to teach you!

Cate, x

Catherine said...

Oh I love this! I really do - my friend gave me some gorgeous coasters that look like they're made the same way; I find them so attractive - brings out the inner magpie I think!
x x x

Julia said...

Beautiful! I have always thought I would like to do stained glass, but this looks like great fun!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Gorgeous, love it love it! Love the idea of wearing safety glasses as soon as you walk through the door too :-)

karen said...

I also love coloured glass with light coming through it. How is it that coloured glass for your double glazing is soooo expensive!! Maybe I could get your friend to do it!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...