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Thursday, 14 October 2010

A new use for the kitchen table.

I have been putting together little project kits as part of the Plan
I have decided to sell some little project kits to make a little purse/pocket. I have been trying to think what I like to see when I go to these shows and I am a sucker for the little kits. It allows me to take away a little memory of their work. The nice little projects sits in the box waiting for that quiet evening when I fancy starting something new/different but don't want to do lots of design work or start something big that I will feel guilty about starting when i have already got so much to do.
Hence the little kits.

Little Project kit= 1 x 8 inch square piece of wadding, 5/6 pieces of a variety of cottons, 3/4 piece of lace and instruction on how ta make a little purse.

... and if no-one wants them, then I take them all apart and use them up myself!


Cate said...

That sounds like a lovely idea, people will definately want to buy them!

cate, x

p.s. thank you for my birthday msg!

Chrissie said...

They'll be just the ticket Joanna!

gill said...

Great idea Joanna

Gina said...

It sounds like a super idea... and the lace snippets are particularly appealing to me as you might guess! Thanks for visiting my blog.