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Monday, 28 November 2011

a lozzocking sort of day

 After a busy week it was nice to have a lazy day.
A week late, we made our Christmas pudding.

I have a memory of someone's blog last year describing the process of "elving" the process of children busily preparing things as surprises. Its started this weekend in our house. Peer into the distance in the picture and you can just see the 7 yr old sat at the little sewing machine busy elving, making drawstring bags as gifts for christmas.
It made for moments of contentment, making pudding with one while seeing another child busily organising himself. he is really quite good on the machine now and cuts, pins and sews the little bags all by himself.
We share a delight in being able to make things.

Actually the real reason I remember elving is because of where we live. Our part of the world and stretch of the river is known for elvering. Elvering is an old practice of catching small eels. An elver being a baby eel. They are considered a delicacy and elverers can demand a high price for their elvers. You have to have a licence to catch them hence signs along the river which will declale
 "No unauthorised elvering"
is this making any sense?
Anyway I love the idea of elving by my children but I know the best sort of elving will be unauthorised.
just me that smiles at that joke.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely time you all had, roving away! I've not heard of baby eels being called elves. Amazing what one can learn..... well me anyway.