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Monday, 5 December 2011

a busy sort of day

...... in which i get a life.
No that's a load of rubbish, I have a lovely life full of great friends and experiences but sometimes it nice to get out and feel a bit sophisticated in the big city.
I have been hatching this plan for a while. A couple of cheap train tickets and a day at great exhibitions.
Then i did not feel so well and it all seemed like such an effort. I would just have the books for Christmas but then a friend was going to London for a few days with family and there was room in the car for me. The universe was making sure I went.
...and the universe was right to send me I feel so much better for getting out and doing something different.
Here are the ramblings of a Hick from the sticks for the Power of Making exhibition at the V and A and the Grayson Perry exhibition, The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman at the British Museum
Arguably 2 of my favourite places in the whole world.

The Power of Making
The desire to make something to produce something, often with no other purpose than to explore and idea, to push the material further, to express yourself. I am one of those people and it has taken me a long time to be able to recognise and celebrate that..
I loved the list of words on signs. Hacked. Skilled. Refined. Meticulous.Ingenious. Curious. Extreme. Spectacular.Crafted. I want signs around my house esp CURIOUS. I love this word at the moment.
Wow, a machine embroidered sugical implant for the eye. the machine embroidery gives more for the surgeon to attach to the body. Prosthetic limbs that look superhuman. Yes, if you need a prosthetic limb then you should make it how you want it, not always to imitate. Thinking about new objects made in a different scale.
Taking the materials you have and exploring it further, pushing it more thinking about why does it have to be a certain way?
The narrowing of the gap between enthusiasm and ability to produce what you want to produce.
Sugru. I want to play with some of this stuff.
After this exhibition I want to play with all sorts of stuff.
To the tube past a pop up shop for the Museum of British Folklore which was full of beautiful stained glass by Tamsin Abbot
No I didn't resist it, I will post a picture soon.
On the tube, walk to the British Museum, past a beautiful shop full of papers and bookbinding materials. Yes, I resisted but it was a feat of superhuman nature to do so.
Into the British Museum. the Great court always takes my breath away.

The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman
Do not look for meaning here.
I could do with remembering that. having a tough couple of weeks and coming to the conclusion that thinking is much over rated.
Full of humour. The only reality is the one in our heads. our realities are different from someone else's.
A greats sense of humour. A clarity in his words that make you think.
Love tokens. Hard to tell which is a modern object and which from the museum.
A long a sympathetic hands on relationship with materials.Objects to treasure and that protect us. A pilgrimage to look at great art.
All made by someone.

A great day.
Full of ideas.
No time!


Jane Housham said...

Sounds like a fantastic and inspiring visit. You've made me want to go as well.

Anonymous said...

The v & a is brilliant, sparking off ideas!