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Monday, 19 December 2011

old traditions and making new things

 well, we were worried, we really were.
Each day we waited, wondering if there was a special date for it...
maybe another cut with the current state of economics?
but no, phew the tradition lasts another year with milk bottles having their special Christmas cap.
 The year has been so mild that we still have roses flowering in our garden.
I think that grand Victorian house used to have rose from hot house.
Maybe we are not quite Downton abbey but its lovely to still be bringing in flowers.

An architectural building kit salvaged from a charity shop being turned into a snowy scene for the mantelpiece.
The kids have finished school and we are planning a week of gentle preparation.
well, apart from the manic finishing of christmas presents which is a tradition know that we all uphold.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to still have roses in the garden, nothing like the beautiful scent of garden roses. Our semi skimmed has just the normal foil top - will have to consult with our milkman!!

Menopausalmusing said...

Loving the fact that the milkbottle tops get festive! Beautiful rose, it made a lovely photo.