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Monday, 12 December 2011

Work avoidance

It's so kind of you to ask....
How the essay is going.....

I know you didn't ask but in the run up to the Christmas season  I know that my essay would be top of your list to ask about but we are all busy and I know you would have done if you had a moment.

Well, this is how the essay is going.

 The stars are strung up
 The Christmas cards are made
and the wreath made so long ago has been given a new lease of life with a spray of gold.

With all that done I can now get on with the essay.

hmm, now I look at that last photo I wonder of the wreath needs a little trim ... and a red something in the middle... 
...and I am so close to finishing that quilting I was telling you about.


Gina said...

So pleased to know your essay is going well!

Joanna said...

Twiddling with lovely gold wreath takes precedence over boring old essay. FACT.


Shaheen said...

I adore your rustic wreath.

And those handmade cards are pretty wonderful too.