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Monday, 9 January 2012

phhwe, phhwww
Blowing off the cobwebs in here.

Happy new year and all that.
hope the festive season bought joy and whatnot.

The teaching term has started so back to teaching with ArtLift.

Possibility of  teaching two more courses at the end of the month combined with the general blueuughness of January AND a complete spring clean/tidy/sort out of all my art/craft/might be usable for something stuff means that the creativity is low at the moment.

I quite enjoy working out how to spell noises, phhwee, bluesuughness. 
I sit here saying it over and over to try to get it right.
I am an awful speller but take a great deal of pleasure in spelling nonsense words just right.
Thats my creative act for today.


Jee said...

I'm sitting here with a load of 'end of year' filing. Don't think I can spell the noise I'd like to make! Happy New Year, Jo.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! A little clearing of the decks often helps. I find it is a good distraction, if I need to work on a problem.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I loved putting the deccies away! Come and join our A Make A Month 2012 if you fanct it! xx

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hey, Joanna......Welcome back to blogland. It's good seeing you around. Jan