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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The anatomy of a project

or subtitled
 Finish it or get rid of it.

January and February have turned into busy working months for me.I am running 4 different courses and about to run a short course on mosaic.
yes mosaic.
Guess what the kids and I are making over half term?
yup, that's right mosaic

Anyway, back to finish it or get rid of it.
When I tidied up/sorted out all my craft stuff I found many an unfinished project.
Started in passion and spirit, abandoned in boxes .

This is one of them
Many moons ago
fade to wavy pictures 
I started a crazy patchwork quilt.
inspired by this marvellous blog
I gathered fabrics, threads, beads and buttons.

The 7 year old was due to be hatched and I decided that if I put together a box of materials then I could pick it up and work on, in those tired but needing to do something moments.

 Not being a girl to follow instructions I didn't take much notice of the types of fabric, I decided on a yellow and blue colour scheme.
I know, but I love yellow and blue, its so zingy together and it was clearly something I had to get out of my system.
 I had a great time producing squares.
 Filling seams.
 Just enjoying myself in detail that didn't need designing.
 If you know my current work then you can see the gems of ideas starting.
 I indulged in detail
 I doodled with stitch
 I imagined wonderful ...
ok, enough of that.
 Maybe one more detail.
cue sound effect of needle slipping off record player
I stopped
very suddenly.
couldn't even be motivated to finish this square.
 This is what happens to me.
I have great ambitions but then just get plain bored.
I loved the fabrics, especially this one
This came from a ball gown bought in Oxfam in Wellington, Somerset in1987. I was 15. It was strapless 1950's ball gown.
I looked gorgeous in that way that 15 year olds can.
I loved it.
My friend invited me to a ball at Cambridge on the basis that I had a decent dress to wear.
It holds a dear place in my heart. 
However life moves on and it seemed pointless to keep a ball gown and into the project it went.
It tied together my blues and yellows beautifully and reminds me of good times.
 more floaty memory pictures.
Anyway fast forward to January.
Newly discovered, 5 complete square , 1 half finished
A new resolution.... finish it or get rid of it.
I do not have the time for the crazy patchwork quilt I first imagined but what can you do with 5 and a half square of crazy patchwork when getting rid of it was not an option.

Turn it into a table runner.
I have fallen in love with this project again.

Now if only I had the lifestyle where I gave fancy dinner parties with table runners
as opposed to the plastic table cloth which is always on it least its finished.


Angie: said...

What a lovely story and gorgeous finished piece! Amazing that it spans time! xx

Gilly said...

Wow I loved your runner and the array of stiches you used. I am currently attending an embroidery course and i really enjoy it.When iI found your blog I felt really inspired!