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Friday, 17 February 2012

some more small details

Gill asked to see more of the small details.
honest she did, I checked in the comments.
 It is part of the Sue Spargo- Madeliene Millington inspired quilt I started.
It is based on my house
I now see that my house seems to be suffering from subsidence.
much check that it isn't in real life.
just holding the camera wonky
 I have been indulging in all sorts of odd little details around the house
 I have many more to add
This is it
its only taken me 6 months so far.


Gill said...

Thanks Joanna!
I love it!

Fay said...

My draw just dropped open.... simply gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog too x x

Gilly said...

i really love your quilted house, especially the shower! :)

angharad handmade said...

This is really really lovely! So nice to see all the tiny details, what painstaking work!