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Monday, 13 February 2012

did I mention my kids love lego?

Oh yes, maybe I already did.

I bought this pretty jar from the final, final final, reductions shelf in Waitrose.
You know the shelves where it is all odd pieces and picture frame with no glass etc
Those stand which really shouldn't say "final reductions" but more like "Desperate plea to take away these last few things"
I haunt these stands at this time of year waiting for childrens gloves to get down to £1 each then I stock up for next winter. 
Trying desperately to get through cycling to school in winter with the daily struggle to find 2 matching gloves is too hard. I buy up 3 or 4 pairs of identical gloves and just keeping going them one glove as they loose them
Yes, I do put names in them but in the chaos of the average year 3 cloakroom the gloves still wander off.

yes I do out the 5 years olds on a ribbon through her coat but the 7 year old wont tolerate this. Besides they just get taken out and used as horses reigns etc.

Anyway, I bought it for 99p. Put it in the middle of the table to decide what to do with it.

That's it, a terrarium.

The 7 year old loves to grow things. It's a project to do with him.

Very popular at the moment but a trend that has pretty much passed my by.
Until now.
 We have a spider plant that seem to feel the need to endlessly produce new plants.
Are we very good with spider plants and its happy, happy, happy or is it that we are slowly killing it and its trying to reproduce as much as possible?
We are running out of people we can give spider plants to.
We are running out of rooms to put small spider plants.

We dropped in some gravel, a bit of soil, a tiny plant of which i do not know the name and of course a spider plant.

 Pushed and dug with a the end of a spoon then dropped a little more gravel.

Lovely...well nearly just missing something, a little something.
We left it on the side to decide.

We came back later to discover ..
an explorer had made his way into out garden.
 There, hiding behind the spider plant.
A lego explorer.
I told you it gets everywhere.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

I think the explorer looks very at home in there :-)

Cate said...

the perfect addition! x