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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A handmade life. Miss Ballantyne face cream

It wasn't till late last night that I thought of the hanmade thing I wanted to share with you this week

I have inherited my mothers good skin. I only had to survive a few spots through the teenage years so I have always had a simple approach to my skin. My mother taught me early on the benefits of moisturising each day and night. I have always used a plain cheaper brand of face cream.

Easy and simple.

A couple of years ago on holiday in Edinborough I went to a craft market and met Karen Ballantyne. She is a Canadian living in the Uk.

One of my closet friend is Canadian so I have always had s soft spot for them. She matches up to the other Canadians I have met and she was just delightful. Faced with wonderfully simple but beautifully packaged skin creams and a lovely person I could not revisit and I bought a jar of Blue cream.

From that day on, I use it everyday day. It suits my skin perfectly and has a lovely gentle scent of vanilla. It is one of those beautifully made hand made things that give me pleasure to use each day.


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Gina said...

It sounds delightful.