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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Working on.......rag rug seat cushions

I have a plan.

It's been the plan for a while. Lots of other things get in the way.

The plan is that each of the kitchen chairs has a brightly coloured seat pan made from rag rugs.


.....and slowly the plan takes shape.

I have finished and backed one, finished but not backed another. These are both "hooked" . Mostly using Boodles yarn. The colours make it irrestisable.

This third one I decided to move back to "progging" . It uses a lot more yarn. At first I wasn't convinced but now I really love the texture it's creating. The yarn stands up and waves like some exotic sea creature.

How do I keep those lengths of yarn together? How kind of you to ask.

I cit them and push them into a small sock, pulling out only a few at a time.

That way I don't get them ALL around the house.



Iz said...

Now I've been meaning to do this for our dining room chairs for years now as well. Perhaps when you've finished yours you could do mine?!

Valentina Iv said...

wow wow wow

Valentina Iv said...

wow wow wow

Valentina Iv said...

wow wow wow