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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Adventures in mixed media part 3

Part 1 and part 2 are here.

I have now finished this, well i say finished but it needs to be bound around the edge.

Its called 25 Days and 9 hours.
Each square represents one day. I treid to do a square each day as an exercise in being a bit freer. Then when they were all attached to the background I did a type of kantha quilting around the edge which took about 9 hours. It doesn't matter how quick and free I try to be I always end up with a bit of intensive stitching!
I am pleased with it but it was just a design exercies so I don't know what I will do with it now. Too many bits on it to be a cushion so it will probably end up under the bed. With all the rest!
Does anyone remeber Cloth Kits? pre printed fabric you would cut out and sew up into cool clothes? Someone has taken it on again. How cool is this? Isobel really needs one of those dresses! and I need this skirt!


Helen said...

That is really beautiful! Such an intricate bit of quilting too.

I too am thrilled that clothkits are back - they have some gorgeous things in their online shop!

two hippos said...

What a great idea stitching a piece every day, but it is far to lovely to hide under the bed! I had no idea clothkits were back, I'm going to have a look at their web site now.

fiona d said...

you could hang it up and look at it :-). I used to dress my little girls in clothkits clothes (20 years ago now!!), we loved those knitted dresses they made. It's great to see them back, and I love all the birds!

French Knots said...

What a lovely embroidery, all different but sitting together so well.
I'm delighted Clothkits is back, total nostalgia trip!

Monika L. said...

Joanna, this is just beatiful!!! I love it all, the mixed media side, the colours you chose and the stitching !!! Wonderfull job!! Put it on a wall, not under the table, please!